Well prepared from home to the gate 


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Before departure 

The better you prepare for departure, the more relaxed you will be when your flight takes off. From the right travel documents through to the options for getting to the airport, there are a few things to think about ahead of time:

  • Check in advance which travel documents you need (passport, visa(s), etc.).
  • Follow the rules when packing your suitcases and hand luggage.
  • Book a parking space early or find out about other options for getting to the airport.
  • If you need special assistance at the airport, contact your airline in advance.

Parking space reserved?  

Getting to the airport

Munich Airport is easy to reach by public transportation or by car.

Before heading to the airport, we recommend checking the latest traffic report and any public transportation service alerts. 

Please note: You may have to walk longer distances at the airport. You also may have to use a shuttle bus or a shuttle train (PTS - passenger transportation system) to get to the gate.

Please allow sufficient time for your journey.


Your transportation options


Plan enough time for luggage check-in, if needed, followed by security screening.

Useful tip: Add about 50% to the time recommended by your airline. That will leave you with a healthy pre-departure safety cushion.

Avoid additional waiting times by having all important documents for check-in at the ready (plane ticket and passport / official identity card) and follow the rules when packing your check-in luggage. Information on weight restrictions and dimensions is available from your airline. 

On arrival at the airport, check the displays in Terminals 1 and 2 for your check-in location.

Passengers not checking in immediately before their flight at the airport can check in online or take advantage of the airline's night-before check-in service if available. For detailed information, contact your airline.

Check-in details

Security checkpoints at the airport  

Here, too: good preparation will save time and keep stress to a minimum. There are also many facilities at Munich Airport to help passengers get through security smoothly and easily.

Details on security and passport checks

At the airport

At Munich Airport you'll never be bored! Enjoy your time before departure and take advantage of our wide range of services:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Plenty of shops and restaurants
  • Lounges to work and relax
  • Children's play areas for families