Check-in & baggage drop

  1. Go to your airline's check-in zone. Present your ticket and passport or ID card.
  2. Place your luggage on the conveyor belt. You will then receive a boarding card with a gate and seat number as well as a receipt for your checked baggage.
  3. Proceed to security screening. From there you can continue to your departure gate.
Terminal 2 Check-in hall

Check-in areas at Munich Airport

On your ticket you will find the area where you can receive your boarding pass and deposit your luggage:

  • T1A, T1B, T1C, T1D, T1E means that you check-in at Terminal 1 in modules A, B, C, D or E.
  • Terminal 1Z or T1Z means that you check-in at the check-in counters in the Munich Airport Center (MAC).
  • T2 means that you check-in in the central departure hall of Terminal 2.

For an overview of all areas of the airport, see our interactive map or our airport guide for download.

Online and mobile check-in

For many routes you can select your seat online or with your mobile device and print out your own boarding card. For further information, please contact your airline.

Night-before check-in

    Some airlines permit passengers to check in their baggage on the evening prior to their departure from Munich. You will need your passport or official ID card and your ticket. Please note that most airlines accept night-before check-in only for departures before noon on the following day

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