Airport parking: Leave for the airport early and book a parking space in advance

Between 2010 and 2018, passenger traffic at Munich Airport increased from 34.7 million to 46.3 million travellers per year.
This trend has been matched by strong growth in road traffic to the airport and, of course, in demand for parking. In response to this trend, Munich Airport is working to create new parking facilities and expand e-mobility services. Parallel to these developments, renovations are currently underway in the "central zone" parking facilities between the two passenger terminals. Several infrastructure improvement projects are also underway in the remote parking areas (P41, P80 and P81).

During this work the availability of parking spaces is limited, business travellers and vacationers are strongly advised to reserve a space in advance online and to allow extra time to get to the airport. At the airport, information on the availability of spaces in the parking facilities will be provided on electronic displays. There will also be additional signage in some areas.

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Pick up and drop off

In front of Terminal 1 and 2 parking is free of charge for 5 minutes in the drop off areas (kiss & fly) and 10 minutes free of charge in the pick up areas (kiss & ride). These areas are ideal for a short stay to pick up and drop off.

After exceeding the free parking time the actual parking time will be charged according to the price scale. Payment is made at the pay machine.

For a longer parking period, we recommend the parking facilities close to the terminals.

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