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Parking at Munich Airport


The terminal access lanes are ideal for a short stop to allow persons to enter/exit the vehicle. They are intended exclusively for drivers picking up or dropping off passengers.

In the departure lane (Kiss & Fly) and arrival lane (Kiss & Ride) at Terminal 1 and 2, drivers are permitted to stop free of charge for a short time (departure: 5 min. / arrival 10 min.). Please note, in Terminal 2 the departure lane is on Level 4 and the arrival lane is on Level 03.

If the free stopping time is exceeded, the actual parking time will be charged at the applicable rate. Payments are made at the pay points.

For longer periods, we recommend the parking facilities near the terminals.

Parking charges in the roadside Kiss&Fly and Kiss&Ride areas

Length of stayDeparture (Kiss&Fly)
Terminal drop-off lane
from 2 entrance
Arrival (Kiss&Ride)
Terminal pick-up lane
from 2 entrance
0-5 minutes
free€ 3.00free
6-10 minutes
€ 3.00€ 3.00  free
11-20 minutes
€ 6.00
€ 6.00€ 3.00
€ 6.00
up to 10 minutes
+ € 3.00+ € 3.00+ € 3.00+ € 3.00
Maximum stay4 hours
4 hours
24 hours
24 hours
When the maximum stay is exceeded, the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

Re-entry fee at the terminal entrances

To use the terminal entrance, a ticket must be taken at the respective entrance barrier.
A free holding period of up to 10 minutes is only granted once in a period of 8 hours from the entry time.

If you re-enter a terminal driveway within 8 hours (after previous exit), the free holding period in the respective parking area is no longer applicable. The usage/parking fee is due from the first minute of your stay.

Before leaving the terminal entrance, the holding time must be checked at one of the on-site pay machines. Once the free parking period of up to 10 minutes has been exceeded, the actual parking time will be charged at the current rate. Payment is made at the pay machines.

If the parking fee has already been paid or no parking fee has been incurred, the barrier opens automatically. If the license plate cannot be read, the parking ticket must be presented at the exit column.

Important note:

If you have to wait longer, we recommend using the alternative parking spaces in the P20 car park and the P1, P3 and P4 underground car parks. The gas stations in the west and east of the airport can also be used to spend any waiting time. The priority areas should only be approached when the person to be picked up has already received their luggage and left the security area.

 Special parking options

Parking at the Visitors’ Park 

The P52 visitors' parking area is located just a short walk away from the Visitors' Park.

During busy periods, please follow the special signage to the P50 overflow parking area if necessary.

You should allow approx. five minutes for the walk from P50 to the Visitors' Park and back. In case of questions on the current parking situation, please call the Munich Airport Parking Office at +49 89 975 222.