Security screening and passport control

Navigating the control checkpoints

With these tips and services, the security screening and passport control process is a breeze:

  • Use all of the control checkpoints - In case of extended waiting times at the access area to your departure gate, especially in Terminal 1, follow the signs to the alternative control checkpoints. Follow the instructions of the airport staff. Our staff will ask you to proceed to another control checkpoint if waiting times are shorter there. For an overview of all of the control checkpoints, see the map.

  • Save time with automatic screening - The automatic boarding card checks reduce waiting times outside the security checkpoints in Terminal 2. Real-time displays indicate the waiting times at the screening checkpoints to help passengers select the shortest line. If you are travelling to a destination outside the Schengen zone, you also have the option in both terminals to use time-saving automatic passport control (e.g. EasyPASS).

  • Be ready for the screening process - When packing your hand luggage, make sure that you can take out the things you need quickly. Plastic bags with liquids and electronic devices must be removed from bags at the security checkpoints and screened separately. You will also have to take off jackets, coats and other outer garments. Have them ready ahead of the screening checkpoint to help speed up the process.
Lines ahead of the security checkpoints 

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