Good and responsible corporate management

The Munich Airport Group (FMG) is committed to the principles of good and responsible corporate management. This includes ensuring legal and ethical conduct on the part of all managers and employees.

  • We adhere without compromise to laws and regulations.
  • We do not tolerate illegal or immoral practices, neither within our own company or on the part of our business partners.
  • We do not tolerate conduct on the part of our employees that jeopardizes our company's good reputation.
  • We are open and fair in our dealings with our employees and business partners.
  • We distance ourselves from unfair competitive practices, and wish to succeed in the market by offering excellent products and services and competing fairly.

It is important for criminal conduct to be prevented or discovered quickly. This safeguards the company's economic interests and jobs while preserving the good reputation of the FMG.



When granting contracts and conducting calls to tenders, FMG requires bidders to sign a statement of commitment to take all necessary measures to avoid corruption. In case of violations, punitive measures are defined, for example disqualification from receiving contracts.

Internal standards of conduct for the FMG group

All managers and employees of the FMG group are subject to mandatory standards of conduct that define rules for gifts and favors, restaurant invitations and outside work.

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