Flying with children

Tips for a relaxing family vacation

Benefit from numerous services, that make it easy to travel with your kids. Of course, you can rely on professional assistance if your child is travelling on its own.

  1. Use day-before or online check-in: Avoid pre-departure stress by taking advantage of the day-before check-in service. With online check-in, you can book your favorite seats well in advance from the comfort of your home.
  2. Arrive in plenty of time: Budget enough time to get to the airport, hand in your luggage and get through the screening points at the airport. Especially during holiday periods, occasional surges in passenger volumes may result in longer waiting times in some areas. Our suggestion: Add 50% to the time suggested by your airline. That will give you a sufficient buffer and help to avoid pre-departure stress.
  3. Park directly at the airport: Take advantage of the spacious parking areas and multi-storey car parks at Munich Airport and get to your departure quickly and conveniently. You can park particularly close to the terminal in the P5, P7 or P20. Details 
  4. Shorten waiting time: Munich Airport has several play areas where the little ones can have fun and let off steam. 
  5. Did you forget something? No need to panic! At Munich Airport you'll find a supermarket, drugstore, pharmacy, news agent and many more stores for you and your family. From diapers, baby food, toys and children's books to children's clothing and shoes, you'll find anything you
    need before take-off.
Observation Deck

Organize before departure

Travel documents for children

Remember: A travel document is required for every person travelling. The type of document depends on the destination. To find out whether a passport, child ID card or personal identity card is required, contact the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

The German missions abroad

If your minor children are travelling with relatives or friends, remember that documented permission is required from all parents or legal guardians. That also applies if only one of two legal guardians is making the trip.

The easiest solution is to have a written declaration of consent on hand with the signatures of all legal guardians. These data should be included:

  • Last name, first name and date of birth of the minor child
  • Purpose and destination of the trip
  • Duration of the trip
  • Accompanying persons
  • Names and contact details of all parents / legal guardians

Checkliste Handgepäck

  • Warm socks
  • Clothing and a blanket to keep children warm in the cool air from the air conditioning
  • A favourite teddy bear
  • Book and a small toy
  • Coloring book and crayons
  • Baby food, bottles and pacifier
  • Favorite snack
  • Diapers and wet wipes
  • Bag for dirty clothing and diapers
  • Extra clothing for children and parents
  • Any necessary medication

Baby food and medication

Any baby food and medication needed by you or your child during the trip can be carried in your hand luggage.

Our suggestion: Keep the containers within easy reach, as you will have to present them at security screening.

Hand luggage, liquids and baggage handling

Services at the airport

Buggies and child seats

In Terminal 2 you can take your own buggy or pram with you as far as the aircraft door.

In Terminal 1, prams must be handed in at the bulky luggage counter. If you are travelling with a stroller or buggy, you can hand it over at the check-in desk like a regular baggage item.

Our suggestion: Immediately after the Terminal 1 security checkpoint, you can borrow a buggy free of charge.

You can hand in child car seats as bulky luggage. With some
airlines, you can also use car seats as a restraint system in the aircraft. Please contact your airline in advance for more information.