Travel tips

6 tips for a smooth departure

Finally flying again! Especially during the vacation season, it can get crowded at Munich Airport. In order to make the start of your trip as easy as possible, we put together a few tips that help you shorten the waiting time and avoid unpleasant surprises.

  • Find out in advance about immigration regulations
  • Pack ahead
  • Arrive on time
  • Use online check-in and automated services
  • Be aware of airport staff instructions
  • Use the parking online booking platform in advance
Our terminal service helps some passengers
The entire Munich Airport crew wishes you safe travels!

Get prepared for your journey

  • At home

    Find out about applicable regulations

    • Please note the country-specific travel and safety information of the Federal Foreign Office of the German Government
    • Specific advice for travel within the European Union is also provided by the Re-open-EU platform 
    • Check the validity of the identity cards or passports for all fellow travelers - including your children. Each child traveling with you requires its own valid travel document. If only one parent is flying with you, a declaration of consent from the other person with custody is always required. Even if you are taking children with you for whom you do not have custody, you always need written confirmation from the parents. More info: Flying with children

    • Check the conditions of carriage of your airline, especially with regard to hygiene regulations as well as the permitted size, number and contents of your luggage and hand luggage
    • One day before departure, check the website of your airline or the flight schedule of Munich Airport to see whether your flight will actually take place at the specified time.

    Pack ahead

    • Pack as much as possible in your suitcase or travel bag

    • Only items that you need with you at all times should go in your carry-on luggage

    • Keep important documents and papers handy at all times
    • We recommend you to keep masks handy for little clearance areas in the terminal and your time on board
    • Pack only permitted items and goods in your luggage. This will help you avoid unpleasant situations at the security checkpoint.

    Unsure if you are allowed to pack a certain item in your hand luggage or suitcase? This is allowed in the luggage

    Do the check-in in advance

    Many airlines offer online check-in. This allows you to create your boarding passes yourself and save them on your smartphone. At the airport, there are baggage machines where you can simply drop off your bags. Here, the waiting times are often shorter than at the classic check-in counters.

    Some airlines also offer an evening-before check-in at the airport. This allows you to drop off your luggage the evening before departure and start your journey the next day with hand luggage only.

    For information on whether advance check-in is possible on your flight, please contact your airline.

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  • On the way to the airport

    Getting to the airport

    Leave on time

    Plan enough time for your arrival, baggage check-in and the control procedures at the airport. During the vacation season, there can always be very high passenger volumes and thus longer waiting times at the individual points. Both on the roads around the airport and on the S-Bahn, there may be traffic jams and traffic obstructions due to construction work.

    Our tip: Plan your journey so that you are at the airport 2.5 hours before departure.

    Reserve a parking space online

    Book your parking space at the airport online in advance. This way you can secure a parking space at your desired location and save time.

    Book your parking space online

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  • At the airport

    Tips for check-in and checkpoints

    Arrive on time

    Please arrive at the airport early, i.e. at least 2.5 hours before departure. Due to increased passenger traffic during the vacation season and the requirements of the Corona regulations, there may be a more complex check-in or longer waiting times at security and passport control.

    Current waiting times at checkpoints

    Express Queue at Terminal 1

    Terminal 1 air travelers departing to destinations in non-Schengen countries currently have the opportunity to secure a 30-minute window of access to security and passport control points free of charge to reduce wait times.

    More about Express Queue

    Do your check-in as far in advance as possible

    Save time by using online check-in, you can save a lot of time: If you are traveling with hand luggage only and already have a boarding pass, you can go directly to passport and security control. If you still have suitcases or travel bags to check in, you can use the baggage machines at the airport for this. Here, waiting times are often much shorter than at the classic check-in counters.

    Some airlines also offer an evening-before check-in at the airport. This allows you to check in your luggage the evening before departure and start your journey the next day with hand luggage only.

    For information on whether advance check-in is possible on your flight, please contact your airline.

    Follow the instructions of airport staff 

    On site, the airport staff will do their best to ensure that you have the smoothest possible start to your vacation. If necessary, they will ask you to go to another checkpoint, as the waiting time there may be considerably shorter. Please follow these instructions, this will reduce your waiting time and also help our staff.

    Use automated passport control

    If you are traveling to a country outside the Schengen zone, you have the possibility to use the automated passport control (e.g. EasyPASS) and thus save time. Our tip: As an EU citizen, make sure to use the lane for EU citizens at passport control. By doing so, you can actively reduce your waiting time. How EasyPASS works

    Please note that automatic passport control is only available for passengers over the age of 18. With children and teenagers, please use the classic control counters. Each child traveling with you needs its own valid travel document. More info: Flying with children

    How to get through the security check easily

    Security check is the bottleneck before departure. To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible here too, please pay attention to the following instructions:

    • Keep a sufficient distance from others
    • Please enter the checkpoint only after being asked to do so.
    • Mouth and nose protection should be worn at the aviation security checkpoint
    • Please bring only one piece of hand luggage to the checkpoint
    • Check in all other baggage
    • Please put your baggage tubs back on your own

    Consideration helps everyone

    Even when things get hectic - those who remain calm and also show consideration for others end up benefiting the most. A friendly smile often relaxes the situation.

    During peak travel times, it is not always possible to maintain sufficient distances. Especially in these areas, we recommend that you continue to wear a medical or FFP2 mask. This way you protect your health and that of your fellow travelers.

    Instructions for departures in Terminal 1 / Terminal 2

    In which terminal do I depart? What do I need to know at check-in or at the checkpoints? Here you will find current information about your departure

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Need a hand?

Notes on your departure

Terminal 1

Departures in Terminal 1 take place via the gates of the various modules. You can find the modules on your boarding pass and they are marked with the letters A to E.

The check-in areas usually correspond to the module designation. Please inform yourself on site via the flight schedule displays, boards or notices. Check-In Z is located near the S-Bahn entrance opposite the main information desk.

Terminal 2 / Satellite terminal

Your ticket will show whether you will be boarding your flight from Terminal 2 or the satellite terminal: The gates to the Schengen and Non-Schengen areas in Terminal 2 are indicated with the letters G and H. If your ticket shows a K (Schengen) or L (Non-Schengen), you will board your aircraft from the satellite building.

Modernization measures at security checkpoints in Terminal 1 and 2

In the coming months, the security checkpoints in Terminals 1 and 2 will be modernized and technically upgraded to the highest standard. During the renovation phase of the screening lanes passengers will be rerouted, and the number of screening lanes will be reduced at times. As a result, waiting times at the security checkpoint may change at short notice.

After the conversion, passengers will benefit from faster, more effective processes and noticeably improved comfort.

Permanent free shuttle service

A free shuttle service departs every two to four minutes between Terminal 2 and the satellite terminal: With an automated personal transportation system, you will need less than a minute to travel from Terminal 2 to the new terminal buildung and back. Passengers departing from the satellite terminal can enjoy the modern range of dining and shopping options available there.

Automated boarding pass control in Terminal 2

In Terminal 2, boarding passes are checked at machines located at the two access portals to the security checkpoint. In addition, staff are available at the boarding pass readers if passengers require assistance. Large displays at the gantries show the waiting time at the individual control stations and direct passengers to another gantry if things go faster there.

Registered Lufthansa and SWISS Miles & More members can take advantage of facial recognition technology with Star Alliance Biometrics. Passengers can thus pass through selected security and boarding gates without contact.

Current Covid-19 regulations

Find out about the entry requirements of your destination

Please check with your airline for current conditions of carriage before departure.

When flying abroad, the entry regulations of the respective destination country must be observed. Please inform yourself in good time before departure which proofs are required for your destination country.

Country-specific travel and security advices are available from the Federal Foreign Office or for travel within the European Union on Re-open-EU.

Testing options at the airport

At Munich Airport you can choose between different offers to get tested for the corona virus SARS-CoV-2. Here you will find an overview of the corona tests at the airport

We recommend that travelers continue to wear a medical or FFP2 mask in the airport terminals. This applies in particular to areas where clearances cannot be maintained.