Automated passport control 


EasyPASS permits quick passport control at the airport in an easy and convenient self-service process. You simply scan your electronic passport (ePass), look at the camera, and you're done. You can find EasyPASS control stations in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Eligible travelers are persons from the age of 12 with citizenship:

  • from the European Union
  • from the European Economic Area
  • Switzerland

You can use Easy PASS without prior registration.

In addition, travelers from Australia, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, Canada, Republic of Korea, Monaco, New Zealand, Taiwan, UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the US currently benefit from EasyPASS: At Terminal 1 (Departures B and C, level 05), Terminal 2 (northern facility) and Terminal 2 satellite (level 05) are undergoing trial operation, in which also passport holders from above can use the facility without prior registration and only when leaving.

Citizens of other countries that have a reciprocal agreement on the use of automated passport control (i.e. USA or South Korea) can use EasyPASS-RTP. Please register for EasyPASS RTP at the Service Point of the Federal Police.

More information on EasyPASS and EasyPASS-RTP

Star 3: Efficient processes

Global Entry for travel to the USA

For travel to the USA, German citizens can take part in the "Global Entry" (GE) process for registered travelers. Before applying for the Global Entry process, a pre-check must be completed at a registration office of the German Federal Police.

"e-Channel" for passengers traveling to China

German citizens can use the "e-Channel" automated passport control process in Hong Kong. A one-time registration process must be completed at Hong Kong International Airport or the Macau Ferry Terminal.

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