Accessible travel

We're there to make your trip comfortable and convenient

For us it is important that our airport and our services are barrier-free. If you still need assistance please contact the airline staff at the check-in, approach the information desk or use our InfoGate telephone.

Service and travel preparations

The Mobility Service at Munich Airport helps persons with mobility restrictions (prm - person with reduced mobility) on their journey and is free of charge.

Please inform your airline, travel organizer or travel agent of the type of assistance you will need when you make your booking, and no later than 48 hours before your departure.

Please note that, without advance notification, extended waiting periods at the airport are possible. Direct registration with the Mobility Service is not possible for safety reasons.

We also advise you to allow plenty of time. We recommend arriving at the airport two hours before the departure of domestic flights and three hours before international flights.

New rights for people with reduced mobility

Classifying your degree of mobility

The following international classifications will help you to classify the extent of your mobility restriction:

WCHR: Passenger can walk short distances and can walk up and down stairs.
WCHS: Passenger can walk short distances but cannot walk up and down stairs.
WCHC: Passenger cannot walk independently and cannot walk up and down stairs.
BLND: Passenger is visually impaired.
DEAF: Passenger is hearing impaired.
BLND-DEAF: Passenger has impaired vision and hearing.
DPNA: Disabled passenger with intellectual or developmental disability.

Please note

Even if you are accustomed to getting around without assistance, please bear in mind that there are often long distances to cover on foot at the airport.

It is generally not necessary to use stairs at Munich Airport. To board the plane, however, you will have to pass through boarding bridges with a slope of up to 10 percent.

If your aircraft lands at a remote position, a low-floor bus will transport you across the ramp to board. Depending on the aircraft type, there may also be stairs to climb.

If you are unable to negotiate these obstacles, please do not hesitate to choose the WCHS or WCHC categories. This will ensure that you get the help you need.

Getting to and from the airport 

By car:
Short-term parking:
If you are dropped off or picked up at the airport by car or taxi, you can use the short-term parking area right in front of the Terminal 1 arrival and departure areas. In Terminal 2 the southern access ramp is open to private cars and the northern ramp to taxis. You can also park in the P20 short-term car park situated on the southern terminal access road.

Long-term parking:
Parking spaces close to the terminal are located opposite Terminal 1 on Level 03 in the immediate area of the elevators. If you are departing from Terminal 2, you will find parking spaces on Level 03 and 05 of the northern wing.

By S-Bahn:
The station for the S1 and S8 lines is below the Munich Airport Center (MAC, Level 02). Escalators and fully accessible elevators will take you from the station platform to the ground floor of the MAC (Level 03). From there you can reach Terminal 1 or cross the MAC Forum to reach Terminal 2.

By bus:
All of our bus lines stop:
  • right in front of the Munich Aiport Center (ground floor)
  • outside areas A and D of Terminal 1 (ground floor)
  • at the north access to Terminal 2 (Level 04)

From there you have barrier-free access to the terminals.

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