Transporting animals

How to get your pet safely to your destination

  • Cat in travel carriage
    Turn your travel crate into a cozy room, for example by placing your pet's favorite blanket or toy inside. The familiar smell will have a comforting effect. 
  • Dog & feeding bowl
    Your pet should become accustomed to the transport crate before the flight. Leave it in the crate frequently for one or two hours at a time and reward it afterwards with a favorite treat.
  • Vetenary surgeon examines puppy
    Consult your veterinarian before flying to find out whether your pet will tolerate sedatives, as such medication may lead to circulatory problems.

Checklist for travelling with pets

Before departure

  • Check in advance with the veterinary office at Munich Airport to ensure that your pet meets the current travel requirements.
  • Find out before flying about the entry regulations for animals in your destination country.
  • Register your pet with the airline when booking your flight.
  • Start getting your pet accustomed to the crate a few days before your trip.
  • Come to the airport in time: Passengers travelling with pets should be at the airline's check-in desk 2–3 hours before departure. 

On your departure date

  • You can transport cats and small dogs in the cabin in a special carrier. Please note that a leash is required at the airport.
  • Larger dogs must be handed over at the bulky luggage desk in a sufficiently large transport crate. Animals that weigh more than 8kg – including the crate – are carried in the cargo hold. The correct crate size is defined in a regulation issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and is confirmed by the check-in staff. The dog must be able to stretch, turn around and lie down in the crate.
  • Don't forget to place your pet's favorite toy and snacks in the crate. Animals often experience anxiety during transport.
  • Detailed information is available from the Veterinary Office, which is responsible for inspecting arriving and departing animals at the airport.