Easy travel

For a relaxed start to your holidays

  1. Come to the airport in time - Budget enough time to get to the airport, check in your luggage and go through security screening at the airport. During holiday periods, occasional peaks in passenger traffic may result in longer waiting times at the various processing locations. There may also be delays and traffic jams on the roads around the airport due to construction work. Our suggestion: Add 50 percent to the time recommended by your airline for getting to the airport. That will give you a sufficient buffer and will avoid stress prior to departure.
  2. Be flexible - Especially in Terminal 1, if there are waiting times at the entrances to the departure gates, follow the signs to the alternative security screening points. For screening locations, see our map.
  3. Follow the instructions of the airport staff - The employees of the airport are there to help ensure a smooth start to your holiday. They may ask you to move to another screening point where the waiting time is much shorter. Please follow these instructions. It will save you time.
  4. Use the automatic passport control machines - If you are travelling to a country outside the Schengen Zone, you have the option of using automated passport screening (e.g. EasyPASS) to save time. Our suggestion: As an EU citizen, be sure to use the passport control lane for EU citizens. This will help to reduce your waiting time. Please note that automatic passport control can be used only for passengers 18 years of age or older. If you have children under 18 travelling with you, please go to the conventional screening checkpoints. Travel documents for children

In addition to these travel tips, please see the current guidance on travel during times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Airport parking: Leave for the airport early and book a parking space in advance

Between 2010 and 2018, passenger traffic at Munich Airport increased from 34.7 million to 46.3 million travellers per year.
This trend has been matched by strong growth in road traffic to the airport and, of course, in demand for parking. In response to this trend, Munich Airport is working to create new parking facilities and expand e-mobility services. Parallel to these developments, renovations are currently underway in the "central zone" parking facilities between the two passenger terminals. Several infrastructure improvement projects are also underway in the remote parking areas (P41, P80 and P81).

This work will limit the availability of parking spaces in May and June 2019, including the Whitsun holiday period.

During that time, vacationers and business travellers are strongly advised to reserve a space in advance online and to allow extra time to get to the airport. At the airport, information on the availability of spaces in the parking facilities will be provided on electronic displays. There will also be additional signage in some areas.

Before your departure

Departing from Terminal 2 / Satellite terminal (Gates K and L)

Your ticket will show whether you will be boarding your flight from Terminal 2 or the satellite terminal: The gates to the Schengen and Non-Schengen areas in Terminal 2 are indicated with the letters G and H. If your ticket shows a K (Schengen) or L (Non-Schengen), you will board your aircraft from the satellite building.

Our suggestion: In Terminal 2 a mobile welcome service is available on holiday weekends. The specially trained staff are easy to spot, and will approach passengers who need information or help finding their way.

Permanent free shuttle service

A free shuttle service departs every two to four minutes between Terminal 2 and the satellite terminal: With an automated personal transportation system, you will need less than a minute to travel from Terminal 2 to the new terminal buildung and back. Passengers departing from the satellite terminal can enjoy the modern range of dining and shopping options available there.

Insider tip: In addition to the central checkpoints, there is another security access point just a few metres from the First Class security control line, which all passengers can use. A faster alternative, especially at peak times

Finding your way

All about luggage

Kids at the airport