Sustainable air travel

More sustainable travel – by flying with less luggage: Five tips

When travelling by plane, the heavier your luggage, the more CO2 emissions are generated. With the help of our useful tips, you will pack only as much as you really need. In that way, you can make a small contribution to reducing your climate footprint. You'll also have less to carry and may save charges for excess baggage:

Small cases and bags: We tend to keep filling our cases as long as there is still room. With a smaller case, we have to make do with less. If you're leaving on a long trip, pack clothes for at most a week, and use the laundry service at your accommodation or a coin laundry, for example.

Small packages: Choose travel-size packages for your toiletries, or place the desired amounts into smaller containers. Are you travelling with other people? Share items (such as hair dryers) and travel toiletries (e.g. toothpaste, sun cream), etc.

80:20 rule: Gather together all of the things you would like to take on your trip. Then put 20 percent of them back where you found them. Or: Limit your clothing to two or three basic colors and coordinate them appropriately.

Lighter material: Think about how many heavy garments (e.g. jeans, boots) you really need. And replace analog "materials" (e.g. city maps, dictionary, paper notebooks) through apps, and use an e-reader for your reading material.

Versatility is the key: Pack versatile items that are suitable for different occasions (e.g. use your bath towel for the beach as well).

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