Travelling in times of the coronavirus pandemic

Flying safely and without worrying from Munich to your destination


Munich Airport has taken a number of hygiene measures to ensure that its passengers can travel safely and relaxed in times of the coronavirus pandemic.

The following information are presenting the measures that have been implemented and what travelers and visitors can do themselves to protect their own health.

We care about your health.

All information without guarantee, as regulations can change at short notice.

How we protect each other

  • Keeping your distance, paying attention to hygiene and wearing a mask helps to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Plexiglas panes protect where passengers and employees are in direct contact with each other, such as at check-in or service counters.
  • Barrier tapes (linings) and floor markings before check-in, at security checkpoints and in other areas ensure sufficient distance between passengers.
  • Regular announcements in German and English, posters and video screens and heavier staff presence in the terminals inform passengers about the rules of conduct.
  • In the terminals, dispensers with hand disinfectants are provided for passengers to supplement the sanitary facilities. 
  • Passengers can purchase mouth-nose protection masks and other saanitary products from hygiene article machines.
  • All passenger areas are now cleaned even more frequently. In addition, surfaces such as waiting benches or shelves are regularly disinfected.

Information for departing passengers

  • Preparations for your journey

    Please only start your journey if you are feeling well. This is what you can do before traveling and on your way to Munich Airport to protect yourself and others from an infection with the coronavirus:

    • Be at the airport early
    • Bring your own mouth-to-nose protection
    • Inform yourself in advance about your flight and current travel and safety requirements
    • Find out about the entry regulations of your destination
    • Check the conditions of carriage of your airline, e.g. mask requirement etc.
    • Use the self-service options and the online check-in
    • Follow the rules of conduct and hygiene
    • Use the Corona-Warn-App for your smartphone

    In public transport (ÖPNV) and with most airlines, mouth-nose protection is mandatory. In public transport in Bavaria and with some airlines, an FFP-2 mask is mandatory. Please inform yourself in advance about the respective conditions of carriage.

    Information about the stay at Munich Airport

  • Domestic German Flights

    According to the German Federal Infection Protection Act, the mandatory wearing of masks in airplanes continues to apply on all domestic German routes as well as on flights that take off or land in Germany. An FFP2 or medical mask must therefore be worn when boarding and disembarking as well as during the entire flight. The mask may only be removed when eating and drinking. Find out from your airline about the currently applicable conditions of carriage.

  • Foreign Flights

     Wearing a mask in airplanes is mandatory on all domestic German routes as well as on flights that take off or land in Germany. An FFP2 or medical mask must therefore be worn when boarding and disembarking as well as during the entire flight. The mask may be removed when eating and drinking.

    When flying abroad, the entry regulations of the respective destination country must be observed aswell. For many destinations, a 3G certificate is still required, some countries also require mandatory proof of vaccination. Proof of health is checked at random by the respective airline. Please inform yourself in good time before departure which proofs are required for your destination country.

    Country-specific travel and security advices are available from the Federal Foreign Office or for travel within the European Union on Re-open-EU.

  • Departure from Terminal 1 and 2

    Please arrive at the airport early as there may be a longer check-in or waiting time due to corona regulations.

    We strongly recommend that travelers continue to keep their distance in the terminals of Munich Airport and wear a medical or FFP2 mask. Passengers will also be advised of this by appropriate signage and announcements when entering the building. 

  • Security control

    In order to keep the risk of an infection for yourself and the ground staff as low as possible, please pay attention to the following instructions during the security screening and passport control in addition to the well-known rules:

    Relaxed and healthy through the security check: Please also follow the current rules of conduct and hygiene.
    • Keep a sufficient distance from others
    • Please enter the checkpoint only after being asked to do so.
    • Mouth and nose protection should be worn at the aviation security checkpoint
    • Please bring only one piece of hand luggage to the checkpoint
    • Check in all other baggage
    • Please put your baggage tubs back on your own
  • On board

    Hygiene measures on board

    Airlines have taken a number of hygiene and safety measures to protect passengers and crew members on board. These include, for example: 

    • New baggage regulations (only one piece of hand luggage per person)
    • Modified boarding processes (boarding by groups)
    • Modified onboard service
    • Requirement to wear a face mask during flight (FPP2 or equivalent are mandatory on some airlines)

    Before departure, please contact your airline or tour operator directly to find out what special hygiene measures or carriage requirements apply on board your airline.

    Airlines at Munich Airport

    Cabin ventilation in the aircraft

    Special air cleaning systems in the aircraft ensure fresh and purified cabin air. The air filters allow a complete air exchange within about three minutes.

    More information can be found in the fact sheet of the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft e.V: On-board Safety: Cabin Ventilation and Compulsory Use of Masks (PDF)

Information for arriving passengers

  • Entry Restrictions

    Obligation to furnish proof for arriving passengers

    Passengers aged 12 years and older must have proof of vaccination, convalescence or testing at the time of entry (before crossing the border). Accepted testings: PCR test, max. 48h before start of travel; Antigen test, max. 48 hours before scheduled time of arrival in Germany.

    No states or regions are currently considered high-risk areas. This means that the digital entry registration and the quarantine obligation do no longer apply to travelers entering Germany.

    Note: Due to the dynamic nature of the infection, it may be necessary to designate new high-risk areas and virus variant areas at very short notice.

    For all currently applicable regulations and exceptions, please refer to:

    Coronavirus Entry Regulations (CoronaEnreiseV)

  • Arrival at Terminal 1 and 2

    We strongly recommend that travelers continue to keep their distance and wear a medical or FFP2 mask in the terminals of Munich Airport. Passengers will also be advised of this by appropriate signage and announcements when entering the building. 

    Information about your stay at Munich Airport

Your stay at Munich Airport

At Munich Airport the Bavarian regulations against Covid-19 (only German) currently apply.

Current regulations at the airport

We recommend that you wear a medical or FFP2 mask. Please continue to keep a sufficient distance and be considerate of the people in your immediate vicinity.

Particularly in areas where many air travelers congregate, such as at check-in or at the security checkpoint, we urge air travelers to wear a medical or FFP2 mask.

On the buses on the apron and on the train that runs between Terminal 2 and the satellite building (Gates K and L), the rule is that travelers must continue to wear a mask here, as they do on public transport or with numerous airlines.

Further information

Shops and restaurants

Many restaurants and stores are open under current conditions.

Please note that access regulations, as well as opening hours and closures, may change at short notice.

We are open - shops and restaurants


Some of the lounges at Munich Airport have reopened for passengers. Please note the current conditions of the respective lounges.

Lounges at Munich Airport

Further information

Medical supply

If you become ill during your trip, you will be well looked after by the doctors at Munich Airport. The pharmacies in the terminals offer medication and professional advice.

Physicians and pharmacies

Corona testing at the airport

Various testing options are available to travelers at Munich Airport. Prior registration is recommended.

To the testing options

Masks and hygiene items

If you need a replacement during your trip, masks and other hygiene items can be purchased at pharmacies, drugstores or the hygiene item vending machines.

Hygiene vending machines