Sustainable. Together.

Sustainable. Together.

The topic of "sustainability" is more important than ever in our stores. That is why you will find selected products that are assigned to at least one of six different sustainability themes directly at the entrance in the following stores:

The six different sustainability topics are explained in more detail below.


Reduced Packaging

The topic of "reduced packaging material" means that the manufacturer or brand as been shown to reduce, avoid or dispense with packaging material completely.

Recycled Packaging

"Recycled packaging material" means that the manufacturer or brand uses only raw materials already used or recycled materials for packaging, e.g. waste paper, re-used plastic (R-PET) or waste glass.

This is the case, among others, with the product "Lidwinen Fountain - Aqua Bavaria 0.5 L".


"Plastic-free" means that the manufacturer or brand is guaranteed to use plastic-free ingredients, e.g. without silicones, without parabens and without plasticizers..

This is the case with these two products, among others:

  • Flor de Caña ECO Rum 0.7L
  • Tony's Mix Pouch 320g - Fairtrade Belgian chocolates in 7 different flavors


The manufacturer, brand or distributor procures the products offered from regional producers and consequently avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions through transport and/or storage. The strengthening of regional economic and production cycles is also sustainably promoted.

Raw Material & Production

The manufacturer or brand uses sustainable raw materials for production and sustainable methods in the production process, e.g. use of biodegradable products, environmentally compatible ingredients, recycled raw materials. The manufacturer or brand also expressly avoids using monocultures, chemicals, pesticides.

This is the case for the following products:

  • L'Occitane en Provence - Almond Shower Oil 500 ml
  • Hermès - Terre d'Hermès Set Eau de Toilette 30 ml + 125 ml Refill
  • Rituals – The Ritual of Karma Travel Exclusive Set
  • Rituals – The Ritual of Ayurveda Travel Exclusive Set
  • Rituals – The Ritual of Sakura Travel Exclusive Set
  • Knalle Popcorn Butter Caramel Tahiti Vanilla
  • Knalle Popcorn Peanut Butter Salt Caramel

Fair Trade

Fair trade" means that the manufacturer or brand guarantees fair remuneration for work performed in the entire manufacturing process, as well as humane working conditions, e.g. no child labour or modern slavery.