Relax and dive into fantastic worlds in Virtual Reality 

The relaxcabs in the security area of Terminal 2 are a private and comfortable space for relaxation, where travelers can take a break and dive into fantastic worlds using virtual reality glasses.

In addition to guided breathing and relaxation exercises and meditations, guests can choose from a variety of virtual reality experiences such as beach walks or diving adventures with dolphins. The 360-degree experiences were developed by the company magic horizons.

The almost eight square metre cabin has a comfortable reclining chair. Air conditioning and light can be regulated individually.

The relaxcab can be booked directly on site. It can be paid by debit or credit card based on the booking duration. The booked cabin can be left and re-entered at any time using a personal, self-selected access code.

booking durationprice
first 15 minutes  10 euros
every following 15 minutes+ 5 euros


Location Relaxcabs - Terminal 2 - Level 04 - Departure, Gate G06


  • Area Behind security check
  • Street Terminalstraße
  • Zip code / City 85356  Flughafen München
  • Opening hours daily24 hours