Your room for business

Meetingcabs provides a private, comfortable space for meetings and confidential talks. It is now possible tohold appointments and conferences as well as conduct uninterrupted talks with fellow travellers withouthaving to leave the Terminal 2 security area. In the same way, long waiting periods between flights can nowbe put to effective use by attending to important business matters or by simply being able to workuninterrupted. 

Within a surface area of just under eight square metres, the meeting cabins contain a largetable and four chairs as well as space for work materials.

Customers can book a cabin directly on site at the meetingcab. Payment is by debit or credit card based onthe actual duration of the booking. Using a personal access code they choose themselves, customers can leaveand re-enter a booked cabin at any time.

Also an online booking is possible - visit


Location Meetingcabs - Terminal 2 - Level 04 - Departure, Gate G06


  • Area Behind security check
  • Street Terminalstraße
  • Zip code / City 85356  Flughafen München
  • Opening hours daily24 hours