A380 – Giant bird approaching

The flagship of the Lufthansa fleet

On March 25, Lufthansa will put three Airbus A380 aircraft – the world's biggest passenger plane – into operation in Munich to serve three intercontinental routes. In the future the airline plans to station five of the superjumbos at Terminal 2.

In the coming summer timetable period, the A380s will fly to Los Angeles, Beijing and Hong Kong. This will increase overall capacity in the long-haul segment and bolster Lufthana's hub operations in Munich. The arrival of the newcomers will also be a big day for Munich Airport, which is now firmly and unquestionably established as one of Europe's major aviation hubs.

Lufthansa A380

Lufthansa-A380: Arrival at Munich Airport

Munich Airport welcomes the first Lufthansa A380 at Terminal 2.

More impressions of the LH A380 

Impressive facts about the Airbus A380. © Jens Görlich / Deutsche Lufthansa AG

A380 facts: What makes the superjumbo special?

The Airbus A380 is not only the world's biggest passenger aircraft – it's also among the quietest and most fuel efficient planes on the market. The enormous aircraft is made up of more than 4 million parts supplied by around 1,500 companies in over 30 countries.

The impressive technical specifications make the A380 a true giant of aviation:

Length72,7 m
Wingspan79,8 m
Height24,1 m
Wing area845 m²
Max. take-off weight560 t
Cruising speed907 km/h
Max. flight altitude13 100 m