Art and Exhibitions at Munich Airport

Beyond the Airport

Beyond being a place of transit and travel, Munich Airport offers enrichment, beauty, culture and amusement. Art and art exhibitions as well as the contemporary architecture of the airport create a cultural milieu that makes the airport an attraction in itself.

At Munich Airport there are several permanently installed artworks that are an integral part of the urban landscape of the airport. The airport's architecture also doubles as artwork. For example, the roof of Munich Airport Center (MAC), built by the German architect Helmut Jahn, transforms into a Bavarian flag when the transparent spaces – filled with blue sky – contrast with the white panels in the construction.

Munich Airport also has four or five changing exhibitions spaced evenly through-out the year. The airport hosts many different art exhibitions and some works are selected for permanent exhibition at the airport.

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Corinna Born

Corinna Born

Director International Media Relations