The worldwide first airport brewery

An airport brewery is today as innovative as it was in 1999 when the microbrewery "Airbräu" opened at Munich Airport. Travelers from all over the world and locals alike have been enjoying its authentic Bavarian dishes and freshly brewed beer since then.

Among the enticements are the different types of beer brewed at the Airbräu. Three of them are always available: "Fliegerquell", a fine bitter lager, the more mature wheat beer "Kumulus" and the "1918", the latest addition to the assortment. The beer had its premiere on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Free State of Bavaria and now gets its regular place in the all-year offer. And Airbräu prices are a bargain; a pint of beer costs only 2.95 Euros. On top, four special seasonal beers are offered each year, for example a winter beer called "Krampus" or "Mayday" - a dark wheat beer which is served in May.

Part of the brewing sessions take place in the main restaurant, where about 400 guests can sit around the brew kettles and watch the brewing process. Brew master René Jacobsen welcomes guests on his brewery tour behind the scenes.

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Mountain Hub Distillers

In addition to the delicious beer, the Airbräu recently started to produce its own gin. During the lockdown, the beer taps in the pubs came to a standstill. This was also the case at the Airbräu brewery. Instead of simply pouring away 4,000 liters of leftover Airbräu beer. The brew master René Jacobsen made a virtue out of necessity. He developed a gin-style beer spirit under the brand name “Mountain Hub Distillers” in cooperation with the Hilton Munich Airport Hotel. Distilling Airbräu beer with selected so-called botanicals resulted in the rich and aromatic "infused beer spirit", which combines the taste of strong beer and high-percentage juniper aromas.

In addition to its first-class beer, the Airbräu is also known for its literally excellent cuisine. The newly acquired quality seal “Excellent Bavarian cuisine with a particularly high level” now officially confirms this. The classification "Excellent Bavarian Cuisine" is awarded by Bayern Tourist GmbH (BTG) on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry of food, agriculture and forestry and the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA Bayern e.V.

Apart from the main restaurant, there are other rooms inside "Airbräu". The "Zirbelstube" has a tiled stove and can accommodate up to 35 visitors. The "Forumstüberl" can host approximately 50 people, and offers a fantastic view over the Munich Airport Center (MAC) and Terminal 2. The "Airbräu Tenne" is perfect for bigger events with up to 250 people. Among other special features, the "Airbräu Tenne" has a demonstration kitchen and a stage. The Airbräu's highlight is the large beer garden, which is open approximately from May to October, depending on weather conditions. Up to 600 visitors can enjoy their food and drinks outside, surrounded by shady trees right in the middle of the stylish Munich Airport Center.

Naturally, Bavarian cuisine is also found on the menu. Favorites include "Weißwürste" (Bavarian style pork sausage), roast pork in a traditional Bavarian beer sauce and delicious apple fritters.

The "Airbräu" is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm. A tip for passengers seeking a quick refresher: In Terminal 2 there is a small "Airbräu – next to Heaven" close to the gates on level 05, the terminal's non Schengen level.

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