Press: Strengthen Munich’s hub position

After overcoming the pandemic crisis

October 28, 2020

Munich Airport and Lufthansa signed a letter of intent (LoI) in December 2019 outlining their strategic cooperation in Munich. Against the backdrop of the dramatic impact of the corona pandemic, both sides have now reached an additional agreement that strongly reaffirms Munich Airport's long-term development as a hub for intercontinental traffic.

In the addendum to last year's LoI , it is now stated that the effects of the current crisis will have a lasting impact on traffic development over several years. Irrespective of this, both partners are committed to a joint strategy to further develop Munich as an intercontinental hub once the crisis eases. The plan is - depending on the further development of the corona crisis - to restore from 2024 onwards the fleet capacity operated by Lufthansa in Munich in 2019. Lufthansa then intends to reinstate up to 30 long-haul aircraft and a corresponding European network to ensure that Munich Airport is well connected to the global aviation network. Over the longer term, the expansion of the satellite terminal by adding a so-called T-Stick also remains a goal of the cooperation between the two partners.

In the addendum, both partners as well agree on the future use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The use of the synthetic, climate-neutral fuel for the Lufthansa fleet stationed at Munich Airport shall be encouraged and realized timely. Both companies reaffirm their environmental and climate protection goals even under the current conditions.

Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport, sees the current agreement as an important commitment to Munich as an aviation hub: "We will work together to get through the dry spell ahead of us and also join forces in the subsequent recovery. With the agreement now reached, the airport and Lufthansa have made it clear that the Munich hub will remain a reliable asset in the European transport infrastructure in the future".

Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa Group, adds: "We are fully committed to our premium hub in Munich with no ifs or buts. Together with the airport, we have reached numerous milestones in recent years and we still have more plans. Even in the crisis, our close and trusting partnership is proving its strength. In this way, we will also master this difficult time of the pandemic in a spirit of partnership. We want to enhance Europe's best airport for our customers and continue Munich's 20-year success story.”

Bettina Rittberger

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