Press: Another star for the “five-star airport” 

Michelin Guide again honors restaurant at the Hilton Munich Airport  


The Michelin-starred restaurant at Munich Airport has reconfirmed its status: The Michelin star for the “Mountain Hub Gourmet” at the Hilton Munich Airport has now been awarded to head chef Marcel Tauschek (right), restaurant manager Karim Zarif, and their crew. The gourmet restaurant was awarded a Michelin star for the first time in 2022.

“The renewed Michelin star award fits in perfectly with our desire to be a premium hub. The Mountain Hub Gourmet team offers an outstanding fine dining experience right in the heart of Munich Airport,” said Jan-Henrik Andersson, the airport's Managing Director for Commercial and Security, in praise of the team.

The restaurant in the Hilton Hotel at Munich Airport was opened in 2020 and has been welcoming more and more guests ever since. The gourmet lunch, the evening service on Thursdays and Fridays, and the Young Star Special for guests under 30 are particularly popular. Exclusive events and the terrace complete the “star experience”.

The Michelin star is awarded for outstanding cuisine. The focus is on product quality, the expertise of the chefs, the originality of the dishes, and consistency both in the long term and across the entire menu.