Press: Munich Airport's air bridges now with new look 

Brand partnership with mobile telecommunications provider O2

July 25., 2019
Munich Airport and the mobile telecommunications provider O2 have announced an exclusive brand partnership. The 90 jet bridges at Terminals 1 and 2 and the satellite building, through which passengers board and disembark from the aircraft, will feature 02 branding for the next three years.

The air bridge advertising is harmonized with the look and feel of the airport's own brand identity while reflecting the design messaging of O2. The material was developed specifically for the technical and security-related requirements and are adapted to the architecture of the airport. That means, in particular, that the glass bridges in Terminal 2 and the satellite building will remain transparent after placement of the new branding so that passengers will still have a clear view of the taxiways.

Due to the ongoing flight operations, the sheeting will be placed on the air bridges during the nighttime hours over the coming months. In Terminal 2 and the satellite building alone, approximately 3,000 panes of glass and panels will be redesigned with the 'O2 look'.

Dr. Michael Kerkloh, the CEO and President of Munich Airport (FMG), Andrea Gebbeken (in the middle), FMG's Managing Director: Commercial and Security, and Sabine Kloos, Director Brand & Marketing Communications with Telefónica Deutschland, were on hand for the official opening of the first redesigned air bridge. Dr. Kerkloh welcomed the cooperation: "We share an important guiding principle with O2: 'connecting people'. That makes this partnership a perfect fit for our brand." Ms. Kloos added: "We're proud to be the first company to use these unique advertising spaces here in Munich – the primary location of Telefónica Deutschland. This is the ideal stage for positioning our core brand."

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