"BUILDING CONNECTIONS" documents airport’s development in 2022

June 26, 2023

Munich Airport publishes 13th Integrated Report

The past year was dominated by the recovery of the aviation industry after the global coronavirus pandemic. The 13th Integrated Report of Flughafen München GmbH (FMG) that has now been published with the title "BUILDING CONNECTIONS" documents the key developments and challenges in 2022.

"BUILDING CONNECTIONS" symbolizes the airport’s core task – connecting people and destinations – as well as needs-based growth together with its partners and combining sustainable development with the requirements of the future.

"With our Integrated Report, Flughafen München presents an integrated, transparent picture of our business activity and illustrates all the economic, environmental, and social aspects of the airport’s operations. We thus make a clear commitment to corporate sustainability," explains Jost Lammers, CEO.

The online version attaches particular importance to accessibility, utility, and usability, enabling users to find relevant information for themselves quickly and easily. A video on the homepage connects the past with the future, the strategy with the impact on the airport and its surroundings, and puts the people who work at the airport center stage.

The intuitive navigation allows for a simple, understandable experience of the connections between business areas, measures, and their impacts. Reports from employees also present a practical picture.

As in the previous years, FMG reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standards, the most important framework for sustainability reporting. A large part of the sustainability information has been reviewed by an independent auditing firm. The printed version of the report is expected to be available from August. It will be printed eco-efficiently on recycled paper in line with the company’s own standard and meet the strict requirements of Germany’s "Blue Angel" ecolabel. 

The report is available online in German at and in English at

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