Less noise and lower emissions

The new planes are approaching

The latest generation of passenger aircraft is ready for takeoff and will soon be touching down at Munich Airport. Equipped with high-bypass geared turbofan engines from MTU and Pratt & Whitney, these jets are guaranteed by the manufacturers to reduce engine noise by up to 72 percent. As an extra incentive to airlines to make the transition to the latest engine technology, Munich Airport charges noise-based takeoff and landing fees.

Ingenious engineers have also borrowed fascinating little details from nature. For example, Lufthansa's Airbus A320 fleet will soon be fitted with "sharklets" – special wingtip extensions that achieve fuel savings of up to four percent, reduce CO2 emissions and make takeoffs quieter.

The reigning king of efficiency and quiet flight operations is the new Airbus A350. Lufthansa will have 10 of these advanced aircraft stationed in Munich as of January 2017, with which the airline expects to achieve fuel savings of up to 25 percent on long-haul routes and noise levels sometimes far below the currently defined thresholds.

  • The new Airbus A350
    The new Airbus A350 with an energy saving turbine
  • Geared turbine engine
    The "geared turbine engine" of MTU and Pratt & Whitney undergoes testing
  • Sharklets
    Sharklets reduce fuel consumption and make takeoffs quieter

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