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  • Detailed personal information – anywhere and anytime

    Information: anywhere and anytime. How do I provide my service to as many customers as possible? At the same time, how do I keep the costs under control? Our InfoGate Counter solution delivers the answers to these questions. With the two components Counter and Agent, we have created an interactive, digital communication system capable of supplying personal information to any number of locations from a central office. However, the system is designed to have the look and feel of a face-to-face interaction with the staff at a conventional information desk.

    By scanning, printing and editing documents, the system provides optimal customer service. By placing service staff members with special skill sets at a single, central location, InfoGate makes it very easy to increase the availability of these skill sets at dispersed locations.

    The following functionality provides the framework for customer-friendly, interactive information services:

    • Personal contact between customers and information staff despite physical distance
    • Paper printouts of individual information
    • Recognition and processing of customer data
    • Provision of diverse skill sets of service employees
    • Authentic interaction through life-size, high-definition display of service assistant on the screen
    • Improved ROI through linkup of multiple centers
  • The challenge of indoor navigation

    Digital navigation has developed rapidly in recent years. Outdoors, GPS navigation is now taken for granted. There is an urgent need for comparable indoor guidance systems that cannot be met using existing technologies. Thick walls prevent the use of satellite signals, and the much-touted alternative Wi-Fi positioning is still in its infancy.

    We have taken on this challenge and developed a stand-alone system for computing directions inside buildings. For major infrastructure operators such as airports, train stations, hospitals and malls, indoor navigation is essential. However, large and complex corporate campuses with various wings or multiple buildings can also benefit from precise and flexible indoor guidance systems. The InfoGate system has a modular structure that allows various customer interfaces to be linked to the central routing server. The stationary totems with their large-format touch screens are complemented by morbile end devices.

    Key tasks of a mordern indoor navigation system:

    • Make it easy to find the way and reduce the stress while getting there
    • Efficiently bringing customers and businesses together (Shopfinder functionality)
    • Calculating the shortest route
    • Complementing and thus personalizing existing signage with digital tools
    • Pinpoint positioning of all locations and customer destinations
  • Aviation

    The development of InfoGate systems in medium to large airport buildings vastly improves the availability and quality of service. By efficiently increasing the number of service counters and by the introduction of digital navigation, the quality of the terminal experience is enhanced and customers gain a more positive overall impression.


    Install an InfoGate system in a mall or large retail outlets to boost your customer appeal and enhance your image. Combine attractive modern technology with award-winning design and versatile applications to implement new information and marketing strategies.


    Offer guests, tourists and visitors an innovative information system that will enhance the image of your region or attraction through advanced technology and the round-the-clock availability of information resources. The InfoGate systems, with their functionality and design, are a minor attraction by themselves, and also offer optimal service for users.

    Corporate Services

    Not every employee is working at your company headquarters. And even though they might be working at a remote location they also have questions regarding their pay statement or they might inquire about their pension plan. Provide your centralized know how to every employee across all of your company locations.

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