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We are continuously working on our product range and developing new premium spaces for and with our clients. The latest product in our portfolio: WLAN branding at Munich Airport. From now on, clients can advertise digitally across the entire campus in a target-group-oriented and measurable way.

Individual consulting, service and quality remain the top priority for our 5-Star-Team. We will be happy to create your individual advertising package to reach your target group!

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From "the classics" to 360° cross-media campaigns: With over 700 advertising spaces and special placement opportunities, Munich Airport offers a premium environment for advertisers to present their brands in a special atmosphere.

Thanks to innovative advertising platforms, companies can reach vacationers, business travelers and decision-makers effectively along the entire passenger journey - curbside drop-off to the departure gate. The airport offers far more than the classic out-of-home formats: From digital spaces such as the attention-grabbing digital take-off boards to the branding of entire areas, a showroom for promotions, and brand presentations that can be experienced through events.

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A unique advertising location for your campaign

The world visiting Munich Airport

As Germany's second-busiest airport and a hub airport of international importance, Munich Airport is an international hub for people, goods and services.

Every day, an attractive consumer target group with an above-average net income meets here. In addition to (international) passengers, the various target groups at Munich Airport also include Meeters & Greeters, visitors from the region and employees.

Find out more about the following selected target groups on the right side:

  • Business travelers
  • Private travelers
  • Luxury travelers
  • International guests

We would be happy to introduce you to these and all other target groups at Munich Airport and give you more detailed information in a personal conversation.

Business travelers

Munich Airport has the highest proportion of business travelers at German airports and profits above all from its location in the middle of the economic region of Munich and the surrounding area. Surveys show that digitalization can replace some business travel. However, business-critical business trips cannot be replaced, so that currently and in the future, especially decision-makers and (higher) management will fly on business trips.

Luxury travelers

Both the proportion of decision-makers and the net household income and the related purchasing power of passengers are above average. Thanks to their long dwell time at the airport, passengers spend a lot of time shopping in the stores at the terminals. In particular, international passengers from the Arab Emirates, China and Russia have a preference for high-quality branded and luxury products and a fable for products "Made in Germany".

Private travelers

During the last few months, the most important reason for traveling was especially to visit friends and family. Now, also the classic vacation traffic is constantly increasing again. The desire to travel is enormous due to the long period of deprivation, as is the willingness to spend more money on vacations. The feeling of safety plays a central role in this.  With hygiene measures, vaccinations and the cancellation of risk areas, people are traveling again.

International guests

As an important international hub with connections all throughout the world, Munich Airport welcomes passengers from all over the globe. Up to 150 different nationalities travel to, from or through Munich Airport each year. With the easing of travel restrictions and the cancellation of risk areas, intercontinental traffic and HUB business, and therewith the internationality of the passenger structure, are increasing immediately.

The ideal environment for the placement of your brand message

In October 2018, GfK conducted a total of 515 interviews for a largescale advertising impact study at Munich Airport. Two currently advertised campaigns were surveyed throughout the entire customer journey at 12 locations with analogue and digital advertising spaces.

Exciting finding: advertising at Munich Airport is appreciated as a welcome diversion. So, Munich Airport is the ideal advertising environment for your brand message.

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