Deconstruction of the western apron

Next step on the construction site at the airport

The preparatory construction work for the new Terminal 1 pier, which is scheduled to go into operation in 2023, is in full swing. While excavators are working on the ground slab of the apron, the demolition of the buildings on the construction site of the western apron is taking place in parallel.

Three excavators equipped with hydraulic chisels hammer the hard concrete floor open. A sprinkler system moistens the air in order to keep dust formation to a minimum. The concrete and asphalt layer, up to 60 centimeters thick, is to be removed on the apron over a total area of 120,000 square meters.

A total of around 100,000 cubic meters of concrete will be demolished, and the material will be completely recycled and reused on airport construction sites. The dismantling of the apron should be completed by autumn. The excavation pit is to be excavated at the beginning of next year, followed by construction of the pier, which is to be completed in 2023.

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Katrin Hennig, responsible for the T1 property, reports on current construction progress on the western apron at Munich Airport (July 2019)

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