Airport Operation Center

This intensive on-the-job-training provides a series of exercises and exposure to real-life operations in MUC, where the participants can practice daily tasks and procedures adequately to the established AOC protocol. The course will improve understanding of required actions, coordination principles and complexities involved in the airport operations. Through use of engaging, hands-on methods and relevant examples, the participants will be able to enhance their productivity, address work challenges more effectively and streamline communication with other airport stakeholders.


Upon completion of the training the participants will be able to:

  • Implement strategies, techniques, operational practices and concepts that improve their capabilities and performance of routine job tasks

  • Improve reporting, monitoring and planning activities associated with various operational processes;

  • Define areas of responsibilities and required level of interfaces with other departments/airport stakeholders in order to achieve operational goals and desired KPIs;

  • Understand principles of the advanced hub operations in relation to Airport Operation Center;

  • Relate the experience of collaborative decision making approach used in MUC to the impact, which it has on efficiency and sustainability of daily airport operations;

  • Make suggestions for improvements at their home airports, based on knowledge attained, best practice and MUC know-how;

  • Enhance conflict management and resolution skills through proactive collaboration and direct feedback mechanism

  • Identify strategies applicable to the advanced hub management, operational efficiency, data availability, ATC coordination and ways how these can be applied;

  • Demonstrate judgment and responsible decision-making skills during critical, peak-time periods and emergencies situations.

  • Execute their regular duties and schedule work according to relevant work flows, pre-planning procedures and in a structured, timely manner;

  • Gain insights into structure of collaboration between Munich Airport and Lufthansa during actual operating hours in the Hub Operation Center (HOC)


Course topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Topography of Munich Airport – overview of facilities, facts, figures, systems and operational structures

  • Practical review of the entire collaboration scheme between airport entities, airlines and stakeholders on the example of apron processes;

  • Roles specific requirements, responsibilities and attributes needed for an AOC Controller;

  • Thorough introduction the Airport Operation Center in MUC combined with site visit

  • Resource allocation, operational irregularities and emergencies;

  • Flight data management (ZEBRA, FIDS) and benefits of A-CDM approach;

  • Additional use of systems (i.e. SITA, emails, airline interface, Flightradar24, etc.);

  • Potential risks and conflict resolutions strategies evolving between airport parties around operational processes and mutual responsibilities;

  • Overview of the Hub Operation Center (HOC) at MUC;

  • Planning (stands, gates, check-in counters) and reporting procedures;

  • Practical work assignments during day- and night shift.

Target group

  • Newcomers with necessary background knowledge of the AOC
  • Experienced staff, who want to improve their skills and overall job performance though practical application of concepts and best practices, use of methods and systems relevant to the advanced hub operations, and supported by references and similarities drawn between Munich and their home-base airports.


Recommended: dedicated AOC classroom training

Assessment and Certification

Hands-on assignments during the course and written test (case study) at the end.

Training certificate will be awarded upon completion of the training and successfully passed practical assessment.

At a glance

  • Form of learning: Classroom training
  • Location:
  • Language: English


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