Airport Operations

Because people make the difference

Our experience as one of worlds’ leading hubs, shows that operational standards and procedures are very important, but what really makes a difference are the employees. Their motivation and productivity play vital role in our success story. That’s why we put so much efforts in training and developing our human capital.

Qualified employees are one of the most important assets, they drive efficiency, service quality and organizational improvements. It’s our top priority to offer adequate, sustainable and inclusive training to different staff levels, operational and service areas of the airport. 

Our course portfolio includes wealth of programs: 

  • Aircraft, passenger and cargo handling
  • Terminal and airport operations
  • Dangerous goods training
  • Specialized, intensive on-the-job airport-specific training

We are proud of our extensive operational experience and well-qualified trainers’ faculty, which combined with innovative learning methods offer the participants a remarkable learning experience and real-life immersion into airport operations. 

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Team International Training

AirportAcademy - Munich Airport
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Course offer

Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer

Developed by Munich Airport experts with extensive experience in successful "Operational Readiness Airport Transfer" projects worldwide, this training course offers a new take on proven methods and valuable first-hand ORAT knowledge.

Building on Munich Airport's well-established ORAT legacy, in just five days, this intensive program equips attendees with the skills and knowledge needed to be implemented on any airport project.

  • Typical ORAT phases and activities
  • Project and stakeholder management
  • Planning and practical implementation
  • Preparation of operational documents
  • Familiarization and training
  • Trial operations
  • Airport transfer
  • Opening and post-opening support