Airport Management

Keep the system running

Managing and operating an airport goes far beyond just administration, handling passengers, goods and maintaining runways. It comprises complex strategic activities, services and set of rules that keep the aviation ecosystem running. Navigating through this system requires ability to see the big picture with key interfaces between range of fields, from operational, security-related through financial, marketing and commercial to human factors.

Custome-made learning experience

With our unique connection to Munich Airport and almost 30 years of successful training support, we are able to provide you with custom-made learning experience, which touches upon all important management topics. This special offering is dedicated to airport managers, executives and high potentials interested in bespoke solutions, whereas learning takes place on-site in Munich, through expertise exchange, best practice insights and direct operational or managerial exposure, also in one-to-one setting.

Benefits for our clients

We have delivered this training program to various clients worldwide and their feedback on knowledge transfer, reassures us about its effectiveness. We put great emphasis on enabling our participants to:

  • effectively use their new skills,
  • improving job performance,
  • managing people and assets, and
  • ultimately generating value to their business.

As our clients expect Return on Investment (ROI) for their training, our training methods are focusing on application of attained knowledge. 

What’s unique about our Airport Management training?

  • Individually designed training program, tailor-made and flexible
  • Exclusive access to Munich Airport environment - taking advantage of real-time immersion into operational airport settings
  • Our well-qualified instructors have first-hand experience of working and/or managing a world class and Europe’s first 5 star airport
  • Broad scope of up-to-date training content, literally converting all operational and management aspects of the airport business
  • Networking with MUC counterparts and members of our aviation community
  • Additional, outside of curriculum activities and sighting organized upon request

Course offer