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Established in 1992, Munich Airport Academy is the internationally recognized training division of Munich Airport – Europe’s first five star airport. With outstanding expertise in all aspects of Airport Operations, Safety & Security, direct practical relevance and highly innovative training options and forms of learning, the AirportAcademy is your reliable partner for training. 

We offer comprehensive training services in various areas of:

  • Airport Operations
  • Safety & Security
  • Technical fields
  • Management & Leadership
  • Personal development

With unique chance to access to operational facilities and all technical premises, our training solutions stand out as some of the most innovative and inclusive on the market. We specialize in designing and facilitating tailor-made training programs for our international clients. 

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Certified training provider

Munich AirportAcademy is an ACI Accredited Training Partner (ATP). It is also certified by TUEV SUED for meeting the international standards for quality management systems (DIN ISO9001) © Flughafen München

Open course program 2023/2024 at Munich Airport: ORAT, Airport Management and Airport Operations Trainings 

Munich AirportAcademy is to launch several new training programs offering international participants unique insights into a 5 star airport’s operational and management best practice. Sign up now! 

About the ORAT and Cargo Training

ORAT Training: This "Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer" training program was designed by the Munich Airport experts having been involved in successful ORAT projects worldwide over the last 30 years. Based on this long-standing ORAT expertise the 5-day course delivers high-level knowledge and an intense skills set, ready to adopt at any airport project.

Cargo Warehouse Handling: In this 5-days essentials training you will learn the basic principles and processes of handling inbound and outbound cargo. Topics like necessary existing IATA regulations, DGR or the secure supply chain wll be explained in detail.

About the Airport Management Trainings

The new solutions in the Academy’s training portfolio focus on key aspects of the industry: Business, Commercial and Financial Management.

  • Airport Business Model: Explore sustainable business models and revise these against current, post-pandemic industry challenges.
  • Airport Business Game: Engage into solving real-life scenarios and decision-making strategies in an individually designed team game. You will practice how to optimize daily operation and business workflows, while maintaining service efficiency and quality.
  • Aviation Foundation: Take a deep dive into the aviation system. You will get a structured overview of the complex airport system, using first-hand examples and management best practice from Munich 5-star-Airport. 

Training dates 2023 + 2024

ORAT (5 days): 4-8 March 2024 /8-12 July 2024 / 11-15 November 2024

Cargo Warehouse Handling (5 days): 15-19 July 2024 / 25-29 November 2024

Airport Business Game (2 days): 15-16 July 2024 / 14-15 October 2024

Airport Business Model (3 days): 15-17 May 2024 / 14-16 October 2024

Aviation Foundation (5 days): 11-15 March 2024 / 4-8 November 2024

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