Cyber Security

IT Security at the top level

Cyberattacks may affect any company or industry. These highly complex hacker attacks pose a serious threat to the company's sensitive data, and can paralyze an entire IT infrastructure, making the organization unable to do business.

We offer a wide range of workshops and training courses for all relevant cyber security topics and on multiple levels. In doing so, we draw on the many years of experience we have with the critical infrastructure of one of the major airports in Europe. 

We enable IT professionals and IT security personnel throughout the enterprise to:

  • Assess security threats caused by cyber crimes
  • Identify security gaps and potential threats
  • Implement effective protective measures
Cyber Security Training at Munich Airport´s Information Security Hub (ISH) 

Open courses (fixed dates)

Hyper-realistic Cyber Simulation Range (CSR)

The Level-1 CSR101 course sets the stage for future security analysts to deal with cyber-attack scenarios – ranging from basic to complex – which include legacy, current and emerging threat vectors.

Level 1-finishers can even handle more complex cyber-attack scenarios defending both IT landscapes, IoT and OT/production environments in the Level-2 CSR102 course.

Test your readiness!

Cyber Security trainings for companies (dates on request)

ISH - Munich Airport's Center of Excellence for fighting cyber crime

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  • A broad variety of scenarios can be simulated in the "Operational Technology" training room at the ISH at Munich Airport. © Flughafen München
  • The Executive Briefing Center at Munich Airport´s ISH is equipped with the latest technology and is ideal for roundtable meetings. © Flughafen München GmbH
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Training Venue ISH

Our cyber security training programs take place at Munich Airport's state-of-the-art Information Security Hub (ISH). Founded exclusively for this purpose, the Center of Excellence against Cyber Crime features a cutting-edge training and testing infrastructure, which is fully configurable to handle a variety of possible training scenarios.

Besides theoretical training using the latest knowledge, our experienced instructors provide numerous demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and real-life simulations to help you effectively protect your organization from cyberattacks.

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ISH - Information Security Hub

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