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The Visitors Park is looking forward to your visit

The Visitor Park reopened in compliance with the current official orders. The store in the visitors' park, the mini golf area, the visitors' hill and the adventure playground are open in compliance with the valid hygiene regulations. Likewise, the food workshop Tante Ju's in the beer garden offers food and drinks for consumption when the weather is nice.

  • Opening hours Airport Shop: Wednesday - Friday from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Monday and Tuesday closed.
    Wearing a medical mask (surgical mask) is mandatory in the store
  • The Airport Live Tour will take place again.
  • The Historic Aircraft in the Visitor Park is closed for renovations.

We hope that the Visitor Park with all its attractions and offers will soon be fully available again.

Discover the excitement of flight

Come to the Visitors Park to explore the fascinating and multi-faceted world of the airport. From the top of the Visitors Hill you can watch big jets like the Airbus A380 coming in for a landing or accelerating down the runway.

Visit the new adventure playground or the interactive exhibits for family fun. And for an up-close look at big planes, you can join one of our exciting airport tours.

The Visitors Park is open year round and is accessible free of charge all day long.

  • Visitors park
  • Playground
  • Airport souvenir shop
  • Playground

Playground: from Munich to the big wide world

Guaranteed fun for all! Crawl, climb and balance! Just past the Asian dragon temples and pagodas, adventurous climbers will find the spectacular South American jungle waiting. Next they can explore the deserts of Africa. Here kids can tour the continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

You can feel like real pilots in the big toy plane or slide down the runways with the rope slide. After the adventures, kids can test their skills on our miniputt course.

Opening hours & costs:

Enjoy the playground for free, full-time and all year-round.

The miniputt course is closed in winter until the end of March.

Visitors Hill - Where is that big jet headed?

From a height of 28 meters you have a unique view of the runways. Watch the aircraft on the apron as they refuel and take on passengers before taxiing out to the runway, giving full power and disappearing into the clouds.

Opening hours & entrance fee:

The Visitors Hill is accessible year round.

Access to the visitor mound with a stroller or wheelchair is only possible during opening hours (Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am - 5 pm). The staff:inside the Airport Shop will assist you in this regard.

Admission: €1

Family restaurant Tante Ju's

Enjoy a variety of dishes from different countries at Tante Ju's. Get in and start through on a culinary journey. There is also a unique, imaginative children's menu for the little ones to color with delicious dishes - children's eyes will light up.

Interactive Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the world of the airport. With media stations and the latest technologies. The interactive exhibition at the Visitors Park presents Europe's best airport with its aircraft, employees, processes and machines.

Temporarily closed

Historic aircraft: a journey to the pioneering days of avation

Discover legendary passenger planes, climb into the cabins of the Super Constellation and Ju 52, and let our films and sound recordings take you back to that exciting era.

The historic aircrafts in the Visitors Park are closed for the time being due to renovation work.

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