Cloud 7

With a fascinating view of the taxiways

The chefs at Cloud 7 focus on healthy food. This restaurant offers a full range of foods from breakfast and lunch to an after-work menu. Along with traditional favorites, Cloud 7 features many dishes with superfood ingredients. Naturally that means items with chia seeds and red berries, including various smoothies.

Dessert favourites include the homemade crepes – sweet or savory – as well as artisanal ice cream by Eisbayer.


Cloud 7 is closed from November 1st to March 29th. 

Are you interested in an event? Please contact our Food & Beverage Manager Brian James Kompalla at

Cloud 7

  • Area Public area
  • Street Terminalstraße
  • Zip code / City 85356  Flughafen München
  • Opening hours daily24 hours