Airport tours

The airport tours are suspended until further notice

Due to current official orders to contain the corona pandemic, all visitor tours at Munich Airport will be temporarily suspended.

The Visitors Park is also temporarily closed. The visitor center with its interactive exhibition and the airport souvenir store, the historic aircraft, and the visitors' hill are affected by the closure.

We hope that the Visitors Park will soon be able to open its doors again.

Experience the airport up close

Did you always want to know how the luggage finds its way into the cargo hold, how large jetliners are refuelled or how big the maintenance hangars have to be?

Our airport tours put you right at the heart of the action. With more than 46 million passengers per year, our airport is a masterpiece of fine-tuned logistics. Our Airport Live tour will thrill the heart of any dyed-in-the-wool aviation buff.

We offer our airport tours for individuals as well as groups. Please note, that our airport tours are conducted in German. By prior arrangement we can provide group tours in the most common foreign languages.

Further information (in German)

Information on the parking situation at the Visitors Park

You are welcome to use our parking lot P52 as usual. The P50 is available as an alternative parking space.

Airport tours

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