Connecting with one ticket

If your connecting flight was booked with one ticket by your travel agency or your airline, then your airline will automatically schedule enough time for a smooth connection.

Help is also available if your arriving flight is delayed and you need a new connecting flight.

We provide key details on your connecting flight such as the gate number and departure time on screens in the airport along with information on shops, restaurants and a lounge where you can relax while you wait.

Connecting in case of two separate tickets

If you book your flights yourself, you should allow enough time to pass through screening checkpoints and the possibility that your arriving flight will be delayed. There may also be waiting times at the baggage claim or when re-checking your bags for the connecting flight. This is true especially at busy times.

Our shops and restaurants offer pleasant ways to spend your waiting time.

And if you have a longer stay at Munich Airport, that's no problem either. You can stay at one of the excellent hotels in the airport or nearby or catch 40 winks in one of the convenient Napcab sleep cabins.

Relaxed transit

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