Thunderstorms and their impact

Thunderstorm season starts

Between June and September, long periods of heat are often followed by heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. More than 100,000 thunderstorms descend on Germany every year. Munich Airport is also affected. Bavaria was even the state with the most lightning in 2023. This poses a particular challenge for ground handling activities.

The traffic control center at Munich Airport not only monitors the movement of aircraft and vehicles, but also the weather. As soon as lightning is registered within a radius of five kilometers at the airport, a "Lightning Warning Red" is issued. Traffic management then issues a warning via radio, telephone and e-mail. An optical-acoustic thunderstorm warning system is also triggered.

For the staff on the apron, this means that everyone has to go to sheltered areas for their own safety. Passengers also have to wait and stay on the plane, in the bus or in the terminal for safety reasons.

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