Subsidiary for international consulting activities

Munich Airport establishes MAI

Munich Airport's operating company FMG has established a new 100% subsidiary for its international activities. With Munich Airport International GmbH (MAI), Munich Airport now has a tailor-made platform for handling international contracts in the areas of consulting, airport management and training previously implemented by the parent company.

Ever since Munich Airport made headlines back in 1992 with its smooth and seamless move from the old site in the east of Munich to the brand-new airport 30 kilometers away, its input has been greatly valued by planners relocating airports and putting new facilities into operation all over the world. Another reason behind Munich Airport's excellent reputation as a service partner is the truly unique business model operated by FMG at its home location. Almost all of the business activities involved in the operation of an airport are covered by departments or subsidiaries of the parent company: These include airport operations, IT, engineering, real estate services, facility management, fleet management, a training academy, ground transportation services, rentals, hotels and catering, and retail. FMG's know-how and operational success as a full-service airport operating company and its expertise in commissioning new airports have made it a popular choice as a consultant in the aviation industry. FMG's international business division has provided tailor-made solutions at more than 50 airports around the globe, including Bangkok (Thailand), Quito (Ecuador), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Delhi (India). Apart from airports, customers include governments, airlines, construction companies and various consultancies. The orders have a global reach and demand a high degree of intercultural awareness. At present the approximately 70 employees working in this business segment generate annual sales of around 10 million euros.

MAI's service portfolio covers all aspects of airport and terminal planning, the commissioning of new facilities (operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT)), operational planning and process optimization, profit and revenue optimization, airport privatization consulting, tailor-made training services and comprehensive airport management. The FMG business model makes it possible to offer needs-based consulting services tailored to the individual customer. A medium-term goal will be to open sales offices for Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America.

"We want to steadily improve and expand our range of services and build on our global presence," says Dr. Ralf Gaffal, the Managing Director of Munich Airport International GmbH. "With our future foreign sales offices, we will be able to respond more quickly and effectively to customer needs and the
expectations of the market. To that end, we are also interested in cooperative arrangements with local strategic partners. This new approach will also enable us to gain quick access to the current growth markets."

At present the experts from Munich Airport are involved in the management of airports in Palmerola (Honduras), Cairo (Egypt), and Taif (Saudi Arabia). Consulting services are being provided at such airports as Muscat (Oman), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Quito (Ecuador) and Changi Airport in Singapore.

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