SMS - Safety Management System (WBT)

The course is a mandatory requirement for all airport employees and stakeholder staff, both working in operational and non-operational divisions. It conveys key aspects of safety accountabilities, understanding and awareness of correct behavior in aircraft movement areas. The content focuses on promotion of proactive safety culture in line with the established Safety Management System (SMS). It explains reporting and feedback mechanisms used for notifying responsible departments about safety related incidents. 


Upon completion of the training the participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the necessity and benefits of structured ORAT program
  • Define structure and scope of ORAT program
  • Define necessary management tools and how to implement them
  • Identify, integrate and manage relevant ORAT stakeholders
  • Develop and align processes and procedures for the new infrastructure
  • Set-up, execute and evaluate training and familiarization requirements
  • Set-up, execute and evaluate a comprehensive trial program for the new infrastructure
  • Identify, analyze and implement suitable transfer options (incl. necessary logistics)
  • Define measures for opening and post-opening support
  • Define applicable contingency procedures 


  • Safety vs. Security
  • Influence on aviation safety
  • Safety Management System at Munich Airport
  • Safety policy
  • Development of safety awareness
  • Chain of errors
  • Major risks
  • Personal responsibilities in SMS
  • Traffic and safety rules at Munich Airport
  • Safety reporting system

Target group

The course is dedicated to all Munich Airport Group staff as well as other stakeholders, external companies, partners and suppliers working at the airport, who require access to airside and respective operational zones of Munich Airport.

Important notice

Mandatory Refresher Training: within 5 years

This course is also available in German. Go to the German course description


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At a glance

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  • Language: English


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Duration: Approx. 30 minutes plus test


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