Incident Detection, Analysis & Response – for IT [CSR102]

CDC Incident Handling - Level 2

Incident analysts and threat responders have a challenging time understanding complex, multi-level attacks and APT adversary intrusions without pre-built indicators of compromise or threat intelligence gathered before a breach. One of the best ways to enhance capabilities is to test personal readiness in advanced attack scenarios at a hyper-realisitic Cyber Simulation Range. This course sets the stage for level-1-finishers to handle more complex cyber-attack scenarios defending both IT landscapes, IoT and OT/production environments.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand emerging challenges and possible solutions in the field of IT & OT security
  • utilize advanced CDC tools to filter out the signal within the noise of security alerts
  • efficiently detect, assess and determine complex, multi-level and targeted attacks
  • respond efficiently to critical security incidents in situations of stress accordingly
  • work in a team of security analysts, incident responders and forensic experts


  • Advanced Cyber Defense Center

  • Next generation security tools for larger cyber defense centers
  • Monitoring of security-related events in both IT, IoT and OT environments
  • Orchestration and information enrichment of security-relevant events
  • Automation of routine tasks in order to free time to focus on important tasks
  • Deception and denial of attackers in realtime
  • Gathering, enrichment and sharing of IoCs using TI
  • Extended Cyber Simulation Range
  • Practical training sessions in IT and OT environments

Target group

  • ISH-certified “SECURITY INCIDENT ANALYST - LEVEL 1” analysts who regularly respond to complex security incidents/intrusions from APT groups/advanced adversaries and need to know how to detect, investigate, remediate, and recover from compromised systems across IT and OT environments

  • Threat hunters who are seeking to understand threats more fully and who want to learn from incidents in order to more effectively hunt threats and respond to future threats
  • Information security professionals who may encounter critical data breach incidents and targeted intrusions over a longer period of time


  • Must: ISH certificate: "CYBER SECURITY ANALYST - LEVEL 1

  • Nice to have: Hacking basics (Metasploit, Mimikatz, Kali, WebApp hacking etc.)



At a glance

  • Form of learning: Classroom training
  • Location: Munich Airport
  • Language: English


English training courses on demand

Training dates in German

Duration: 5 days 


4.900 € plus 19% VAT

Price includes event attendance, food and drinks during the event


  • ISH - Information Security Hub

  • Street Südallee 1 
  • Zip code / City 85356   Munich Airport


ISH - Information Security Hub

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