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A unique partnership between Munich Airport and Lufthansa - the Terminal 2 joint venture

The opening of Terminal 2 at Munich Airport in 2003 marked the start of a joint venture that is still one-of-a-kind in Europe: Munich Airport and Lufthansa jointly assumed entrepreneurial responsibility for a piece of airport infrastructure.

The Terminal 2 operating company is a mutually beneficial partnership. For Lufthansa, it meant having a say in the development of a passenger handling facility tailored to the needs of its customers and its handling processes at an international hub. For Munich Airport, it brought increased capacity while forging long-term ties to Germany's largest airline.

The joint operation of Terminal 2 applies both to the aviation operations, with the usual handling services, and the non-aviation segment, with the many shops and food service businesses in the terminal.

The success story continued in 2016 with the opening of the Terminal 2 satellite terminal, Germany's first midfield terminal.

Impressions of Terminal 2 and the satellite terminal

  • Terminal 2 and Terminal 2 satellite: A unique and successful partnership between Munich Airport and Lufthansa
  • Passengers sampling typical regional specialties at one of the many food and beverage units will have no doubt that they have landed in Bavaria.
  • Terminal 2, check-in desk
  • Terminal 2 check-in hall with large departure display
  • One of the world's most modern airport buildings – the Terminal 2 satellite – opened to regular passenger traffic in April 2016. It provides additional capacity for 11 million passengers per year.
  • The underground Passenger Transport System (PTS) takes passengers from Terminal 2 to the satellite facility in less than 60 seconds.
  • The retail and dining options will include a wide selection of premium German and international brands, popular Bavarian retailers, and local bars and restaurants. Forming the heart of this exciting world is the central marketplace, an open area surrounding the apron tower and flooded with natural light. In a total area of over 7,000 square meters, space was created for 16 retail stores, seven food and beverage locations and three duty free shops.
  • From the Terminal 2 viewing platform, passengers and visitors can watch the planes on the airport apron.

The satellite terminal

The terminal 2 satellite at Munich Airport - A success story at europe's only five-star-airport

Press releases

The Terminal 2 Gesellschaft team

Ivonne Kuger

Ivonne Kuger 
Managing Director

Matthias Langbehn 

Matthias Langbehn 
Managing Director

Flavio Seidenbusch

Head of Commercial Management 
Head of Commercial Management - The Commercial Management division is responsible for the commercial operations of the Terminal 2 Gesellschaft.

Jessica Eisenmann

Head of Rentals and Marketing Operations - T2  Operating Company
Head of Rentals and Marketing Operations - The Rentals and Marketing division is responsible for concept planning and optimization as well as business management of all rental space in Terminal 2.

Hauke Hedderich

Hauke Hedderich
Head of Processes and Central Infrastructure - This division is primarily concerned with ensuring smooth, service-focused passenger handling processes. Its responsibilities also include IT and security systems, airport-specific facilities, and cleaning operations in the buildings. And finally, the division is responsible for technical and operational activities and the development of the central infrastructure.

Thilo Jahreis

Head of Technical Building Automation and Construction - This division is responsible for operating the technical facilities, energy management and construction.

Stefan Scherzl

Head of the Personal Transport System
Head of the Passenger Transport System (PTS) team / PTS operations - The project team is responsible for the operation of the PTS, which enables passengers to move between Terminal 2 and the midfield terminal in less than a minute.


Sabrina Lamminger

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