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First 5 Star Airport in Europe

With currently over 47 million passengers per year, Munich Airport ranks fifth among the "Top 10" airports worldwide.

When it comes to passenger satisfaction, Munich was voted "Best Airport in Europe" by the London-based institute Skytrax, which surveyed over 12 million passengers around the world. For its concept, structure and services, Munich Airport was the first European airport to receive the 5 Star Airport award in 2015.

Terminal 1

Aerial view of Munich Airport 

Terminal 1 was opened in 1992 and hosts all non-Star Alliance airlines. With very short distances, Terminal 1 is mostly tailor-made for the needs of point-to-point traffic. The terminal is built in a modular way, with 5 modules (A – E), each having its own check-in, passport and security control. 

To become even better, Munich Airport decided to enlarge and modernize the Terminal, so it will be possible to serve another six million passengers.

Terminal 2 – G & H

Terminal 2 Check-in hall

Terminal 2 was opened in 2003 and hosts all Star Alliance members and Lufthansa partners. The terminal has become one of Europe's fastest and most efficient terminals for connecting passengers with a minimum connecting time of only 30 minutes. This can be attributed to the terminal's clear and user-friendly structure as well as to the Hub Operation Center (HOC). The HOC is Terminal 2's command center for maximizing connectivity. Unlike Terminal 1, this terminal has a central check-in area as well as one central security control.

Terminal 2 – K & L

Satellite terminal at Munich Airport

In April 2016, the extension of Terminal 2 opened with a capacity of up to 11 million passengers per year. Whereas the gates G and H have landside access, K and L are only accessible by plane or an underground train which connects the main building with the new gates K & L. As the first operating midfield terminal at a German airport, it is designed like an island on the apron, what permits aircrafts to dock on both sides of the building.

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