Project: Terminal 1 expansion

New spaces with a total area of 95,000 square meters

Between modules A and B in Terminal 1, a new pier will be built that will extend 350 metres into the western apron.

A better quality for our passengers

"By overhauling Terminal 1, Bavaria's gateway to the world is responding to passengers' expectations with regard to comfort and the overall quality of the airport experience. This passenger terminal was opened in 1992 and was designed to meet the very different needs of that time. With the changes, T1 will be ready for tomorrow's very specific air travel requirements," said Albert Füracker, the Bavarian finance minister and chairman of the Munich Airport Supervisory Board. At a meeting on June 28, 2018, the airport's supervisory board has now given the green light to the project.

The objective of the project is to adapt the non-Schengen area to meet demand and to enhance the quality of services and the overall passenger experience in Terminal 1. After completion of the project, the baggage claim area and departure gates for non-pierside aircraft will be located on Level 03. 

Level 04 will be connected to the existing terminal at Module B, with its core area containing the central security and passport control facilities and a marketplace with high-quality dining and retail offerings. The departure gates, inside the pier, will also be on this level.

Level 05 will serve to "channel" arriving passengers, depending on whether they are headed for the security screening for connecting passengers on that level or down to the baggage claim area. This level will also have attractively designed and spacious lounge areas.

The expansion project, including the affected arrival areas in the existing Module B, will have a total area of about 95,000 square meters. The general planning will be carried out by the consortium of engineering firms and architects "SSF Ingenieure AG / Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH / JSK Architkci Sp. z o o, Warschau / sop Architekten GmbH".

  • The new pier will be linked to the existing A and B modules of Terminal 1 and will extend 320 meters into the airport's western apron. It will have stands to handle up to 12 aircraft.
  • Terminal 1 at Munich Airport is going to be expanded with the addition of a new pier and a central building complex. This leads to a better quality for the passengers per year. © Planungsgemeinschaft T1E: SSF/SP/sop/JSK
  • View from the apron on the new gate building © Planungsgemeinschaft T1E: SSF/SP/sop/JSK
  • A modern gate and retail area © Planungsgemeinschaft T1E: SSF/SP/sop/JSK

Self-financed expansion

With the expansion of Terminal 1, Munich Airport opens up long-term growth perspectives for the airlines already operating there, while creating space for new airlines that want to offer flights to and from Munich in the future.

The construction work on the apron started in 2018.