Advanced security culture training for section 11.2. except 11.2.4. and 11.2.5.

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Awareness of the relevant legal requirements and knowledge of elements contributing to the establishment of a robust and resilient security culture in the workplace and in the aviation domain, including, inter alia, insider threat and radicalisation.


  • The training contains what "robust and resilient security culture" means, so that the security culture then can be implemented in the context of the overall company culture in aviation sector.
  • It will be also explained why such a security culture is essential and that it represents a basic element for security in aviation industry, so that subsequently the trained staff will pay attention to threat aspects such as insider threat and radicalisation.
  • In this way, the behaviour of each individual can contribute to a "robust and resilient security culture".

Target group

The training obligation applies to the following groups of persons and must be completed by December 31, 2022.

  • persons implementing screening of persons, cabin baggage, items carried and hold baggage
  • to persons implementing screening of e.g. airport supplies
  • to persons implementing security controls

Important notice / Prerequisites

  • The obligation for the training does not apply if the qualification was achieved after January 1st, 2022 and the above-mentioned knowledge was included.
  • Staff with security awareness training in accordance with number 11.2.6 of the EU Regulation 2015/1998 are not subject to this training obligation.
  • Staff with training according to numbers 11.2.4. and 11.2.5. of the EU Regulation 2015/1998 must complete extended further training. (Available in German only.)


The training certificate does only apply in combination with a valid training certificate according to Annex of Regulation (EU) 2015/1998, numbers - (see above ‘target group’).

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