11.2.6. Aviation security training for airport ID card (WBT)


  • Strengthening and raising security awareness
  • Web based Training (WBT) according to Annex 11.2.6 of the VO(EU)2015/1998


  • knowledge of previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation, terrorist acts and current threats
  • awareness of the relevant legal requirements and knowledge of elements contributing to the establishment of a robust and resilient security culture in the workplace and in the aviation domain, including, inter alia, insider threat and radicalisation
  • knowledge of the objectives and organisation of aviation security, including the obligations and responsibilities of persons implementing security controls
  • understanding of the configuration of the screening checkpoint and the screening process
  • awareness of access control and relevant screening procedures
  • knowledge of airport identification cards used at the airport
  • knowledge of reporting procedures
  • ability to respond appropriately to security related incidents

Target group

Persons other than passengers who require authorization for unaccompanied access to security restricted areas and are not covered by numbers 11.2.3. to 11.2.5. or 11.5. of EU Regulation 2015/1998. 

Important notice

Mandatory refresher training within five years

This course is also available in German. Go to the German course description


Training certificate pursuant to section 20 and 21 of the German Aviation Security Training Ordinance (LuftSiSchulV)

At a glance

  • Form of learning: Digital Learning
  • Location: PC
  • Language: English


24/7 anytime

Duration: Five lessons (5 teaching units)


99,00 Euro plus VAT


  • PC

  • Street
  • Zip code / City  PC


Team E-Learning - AirportAcademy

Flughafen München GmbH

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