Thinking sustainably, acting responsibly

In order to create long-term value for Munich Airport, the surrounding region, Bavaria, and Germany, our corporate strategy 2025 is based on the principle of sustainable development.

Materiality matrix

The Materiality matrix prioritizes topics for the stakeholder groups and for FMG itself. The relevance of a topic for the stakeholders is assessed through an annual survey of the stakeholder groups. The results of the survey are presented in a materiality matrix with two equivalent axes showing the significance of individual issues for internal and external stakeholders.

Sustainability program

The sustainability program is a Group-wide program that provides the roadmap for sustainable development at FMG. It consists of concrete initiatives and measures that are of high relevance for a sustainable corporate development.

Every year, dedicated discussions are held to update the strategic sustainability program with the relevant units and assess achievement of targets.


Sustainability indicators

Thinking for the long term, acting responsibly, creating transparency in communications: Munich Airport reports on its efforts in the field of sustainability in accordance with the
highest standards.

The sustainability indicators have been reviewed by an auditor and are marked with a check mark.


German Sustainability Code

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