Press: Smart solutions to make life easier

Munich Airport and bayern design present smart solutions 

July 12,.2019
Intelligent kitchen appliances, sunglasses to fight jet lag, and streetlights that measure air pollution: Munich Airport's Terminal 2 is hosting a new exhibition by bayern design, the center of competence for design in the State of Bavaria. Entitled "Well Connected", the show is centered around digital solutions offering a long-term, positive impact on everyday life. It presents nine trailblazing projects in categories ranging from household, health and architecture / urban planning to knowledge sharing and service/security. All of them were created with the involvement of Bavarian companies or designers.

Bosch is presenting a refrigerator with a Home Connect function: With a smartphone app, users can adjust it from any location or capture photos of the inside to check what they need while grocery shopping. CHRONOGY sunglasses by the Munich-based company Osram simulate natural daylight to make it easier to relax or to help overcome jet lag.

Munich Airport's LabCampus innovation site offers a glimpse at the future of work, with flexible workspaces and networked interactions with colleagues, customers and partners. This city of the future, now taking shape in the north-west of the airport, will blend the worlds of living and working and bring together companies, research institutions and creative minds under ideal collaborative conditions to develop, test and present new innovations. Detailed information on LabCampus is available at

The EU-funded "Smarter Together" project is also concerned with the smart city of the future. At the Well Connected exhibition it will present special streetlights that collect traffic data, measure pollution concentrations and provide wifi hotspots.

"Well Connected" is the third central theme in a five-part exhibition series focusing on innovative designs and products from Bavaria. The exhibits will be on display in the exhibition space in the south departure area of Terminal 2 until September 11, 2019. Exhibitions on the themes of "Discoverers" and "Smart Living" will follow.