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Security checkpoints at all Bavarian airports to be equipped with modern 3D technology by 2026

May 24, 2023

  • Greater security thanks to 3D X-ray images
  • Faster and more convenient checks for passengers
  • Five new scanners in operation; complete switchover by 2026

Passenger and baggage checks at Munich Airport are becoming safer, faster and more convenient. In time for the Whitsun break, Bavaria is putting five new computed tomography (CT) scanners into operation in Terminals 1 and 2. These machines produce fully rotatable, 3D X-ray images in high resolution. In the future, they will be deployed at all commercial airports in Bavaria. “We have subjected the technology to extensive tests, and the results are unequivocal: Passengers like the scanners because they no longer have to unpack their laptops and liquids, which makes the checks must faster,” said Bavaria’s Transport Minister Christian Bernreiter, who presented the machines at the airport today. “Moreover, the CT scanners provide additional security by seamlessly and automatically detecting explosives and other dangerous items.” Bavaria is therefore investing more than EUR 45 million to equip all checkpoints at Munich Airport with the modern technology.

Another advantage of the new checkpoints is that more passengers can place their luggage on the belt at once, which reduces waiting times. A double lane can thus handle up to 520 passengers an hour – an increase of around 160 percent. Munich Airport CEO Jost Lammers says: “The new CT scanners are the next level in terms of security, fast processing and convenience. An important component in offering our guests a more pleasant travel experience.”

Air travelers in Bavaria are the first in Germany to fully benefit from the modern security technology: In addition to the two pilot systems in use at Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 since 2019, three further screening lanes in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 2 will go into operation at the beginning of the Whitsun holidays. All other checkpoints will be upgraded in ten further construction phases by the start of the summer holidays in 2026, when up to 48 lanes and 60 CT scanners will be in use. Nuremberg Airport is also to be fully upgraded in the same period – the first machine has been in operation since the end of February. Bavaria’s third airport, Memmingen, will acquire the technology during the next structural expansion.

Security checks at the three Bavarian airports are the responsibility of the Aviation Offices of Southern and Northern Bavaria, which are part of the regional governments and report to the Bavarian Ministry of Transport. The Southern Bavarian Aviation Office in the regional government of Upper Bavaria has successfully piloted the new technology since 2019 together with the security company and the company that operates Terminal 2. “The comprehensive upgrade of the checkpoints with the modern CT scanners is a milestone in security screening technology,” said Upper Bavaria’s district president Dr. Konrad Schober. “The innovative 3D technology not only eases the daily workload for security staff, but also offers greater security and convenience for passengers – a perfect, relaxed start to any trip.”


Simon Schmaußer

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wohnen, Bau und Verkehr

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