Starting a career in the aviation industry

Meet Ellen Gaissmaier - Trainee at MAI

October 30, 2019

Graduating from university is a great feeling until asking yourself one important question: what comes next? On the job market, it is not always easy to overlook all the different possibilities provided. A trainee program like offered by Munich Airport International (MAI) is one of them. For me, it turned out to be the best opportunity for a successful start of my professional career.

When I finished my master degree in Business Administration with a focus on finance and controlling, the only thing I knew was that I would like to work in the aviation industry. Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by airports. My internships in the transportation sector and airline industry in particular strengthened that view. Also, two semesters abroad as well as my passion for travelling fortified that an international work environment with different cultures is what I was looking for.

Since day one of my traineeship, no day is like the other. During the 18-months program, I had and still have the chance to work in different departments at MAI as well as at our parent company. By doing so, trainees are able to gain a wide experience in several business areas. Starting with some insights at MAI, like the controlling or sales department, the trainee program also includes an assignment at the project management and in-house consulting department.

Ellen Gaissmaier, Trainee at Munich Airport International
Ellen Gaissmaier: "MAI's trainee program is the ideal foundation for a career in the aviation industry." © Munich Airport International GmbH
  • Munich Airport's trainees exploring the apron
    Five trainees of the Munich Airport group explore the apron. © Flughafen München GmbH
  • Munich Airport's trainee program sends young professionals to clients across the world
    Munich Airport's trainee program sends young professionals to clients across the world, in order to obtain relevant international experience. © Munich Airport International GmbH

In addition, the program aims to send young professionals to clients across the world, in order to obtain relevant international experience. This knowledge is key for their next career step, as they will continue to work as junior consultant once completing their traineeship – preferable at a project abroad. MAI also invests in constantly developing the soft skills of each trainee by facilitating trainings concentrating on presentation or moderation skills.

The already diversified office days as a trainee are complemented by exciting activities focusing on the airport and its processes. A full month is dedicated to experiencing, feeling and understanding the complexity of Munich Airport. Some highlights in this regards are the visit of the apron control tower and the fire department. These tours are arranged jointly with other trainees of FMG, allowing us to network amongst each other. Thanks to the sister airport agreements of Munich Airport we also have the chance to get in touch with trainees from other airports around the world and exchange our thoughts and learnings.

From my personal experience, I have to say, that MAI’s trainee program offers an extensive insight into different departments. The manifold approach is not only very interesting but also a great foundation for a career in the aviation industry. I know my colleagues at MAI and the whole Munich Airport family prepared me well for a successful future within this dynamic and fast-paced environment in the best possible way.