Planning & development

Making airports fit for the future

Airport masterplan

Man with a blueprint
Develop a balanced concept of your infrastructure suitable to traffic demand, industry trends and commercial needs. Plan your airport with foresight!

Airport ICT masterplan

Man maintaining cables
Derive the optimal ICT masterplan for your airport while considering the trends of digitalization and operational needs. Digital evolution is driving operational excellence!

Traffic forecast

Departure board at Munich Airport
Comprehensive analysis of your traffic data in demand forecast and capacity scenarios. Evaluate existing markets and growth potential!

Capacity analysis and simulation

Man with blueprint
Conduct operational assessments and simulations, understand your available capacity and find optimal operational models for your airport. Identify the current and hidden potential of your assets!

Real estate development

Lab Campus at Munich Airport
Identify additional potential of your airport surrounding area and develop a real estate development plan. Enhance your business model by smart asset development!

Airport design

Drawing on blueprint
Develop your new airport infrastructure design and validate design concepts based on your operational requirements. Create an efficient airport design!

CAPEX and investment planning

T1 extension at Munich Airport
Review your investment decisions and ensure a balance of capacity in all areas of your airport. Investment management meets capacity planning!

Pandemic proof planning

Terminal staff with mask
Adjust your processes and masterplan to meet all necessary requirements for safe and smooth operations during a pandemic. Be one step ahead of future health crises!